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Introducing the Next football – the last one you’ll ever need.

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We deploy technology in ways that enhance your performance. Our proprietary software analyses the data captured by integrated motion unit sensors (IMUs) in our products to create the NEXT Experience.

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Track your performance using the Next football and player tags

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The Next football and player tags track your game as it unfolds. Instantly receive data about your possession, pass accuracy, interceptions and shots on target.

Record your team's

Track your individual

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The Next camera tracks your football as it moves across your screen. Record, edit and create video content with our exclusive filters and animations.

Record & edit videos of
your skills using our filters

Share your content with
the Next community

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The Next drills challenge you to achieve your best. Build your skills, challenge your friends and conquer the leader boards to enhance your abilities and prove your skills.

Individual drills
and set pieces

Team Drills and
set pieces

Introducing the Next Football
Game Ball Quality

Next footballs are made to meet the highest quality standards.

Thermally Bonded

Thermally bonded panels minimize water absorption.

Motion Sensors

Integrated motion sensors (IMUs) follow and record your game.

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Player Identification

Player ID technology identifies every player on the pitch.

Induction Charging

Fast wireless charging keeps the football ready for your Next game.

Battery Life

Record up to 4 hours of gameplay with power saving modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Next Football?

The Next football is a high-quality game ball with an integrated motion sensor. Using our proprietary software, we analyze the data from these sensors to provide you with in-game statistics like ball possession, pass accuracy, number of interceptions and shots on target.

The Next player tag is a weightless technology which attaches seamlessly to any pair of football boots. You may use player tags to identify every player on the pitch and track their performance. If your opponents are not tagged, you would still record and receive data about your performance.

The Next football works in tandem with the Next App. Setup is designed to be simple – simply charge the ball and tap it with your NFC-enabled phone to pair. If your phone is not NFC-enabled, don’t worry – the Next App finds all Next footballs in proximity to you on its setup page.

Outside of in-game statistics, the Next football can also retrieve data about your freestyle play such as the spin of the ball, the speed of the ball, the trajectory of your kick, the power of your kick, the point of contact of your foot and the number of touches you made.

The Next football IS different, but feels just like the official game ball. We designed it to be within official size 5 specifications of weight and bounce. Its texture and patterns are made to enhance grip on the ball, and give it an even flight path.

The outer panel of the football is thermally bonded and designed to protect the sensors from weather elements. We have tested it in the harshest conditions, and the ball is designed to function properly between -10°C and 45°C with just normal wear and tear to its shell and sensors.

We designed the Next football to be as durable as any game ball. We tested the ball with the hardest kicks in the most intense matches, and we expect the sensors to retain their accuracy for two years. When you buy the Next football, we warrant that it shall function properly for at least one year, and that we shall replace any products with a manufacturing defect that do not meet this promise.

The Next App is designed to give you the best experience by enabling three modes – Play, Share and Train – each one with exclusive features that are designed to support and enhance your game.

PLAY is a non-intrusive mode where the Next football tracks your entire game as it unfolds. After the game, simply bring your ball in proximity to a paired phone to import the data collected, and see the record of your team and individual performance. We have also enabled a freestyle play mode for when you do not have a full-pitch team.

SHARE is a camera mode where you can record, edit and export videos of your football skills. The Next App allows you to add animation, filters and information to your content, and even track the ball as it moves through the air. You may even store your videos for later when you have time to edit and share.

TRAIN is just as the name suggests. It is a training mode where you can practice drills, either individually or in a group. Track your skill development as you progress through the levels, earn a place on the leaderboard and challenge your friends to beat your records in this mode of the Next App.

The Next App does not consume much of your phone’s internal memory. We store your performance data in the cloud, and only your personal video content is stored locally on your phone. The app requires iOS or Android to run, and most phones available in the market today would be sufficient to run it.

We are a French company and we take GDPR very seriously. All your data is safely stored with us in the cloud. Only you, and the people you authorize, shall have access to it.

We are using artificial intelligence to constantly improve the level of precision of our data. The Next algorithms have been developed to become more accurate as more games are played.

TRAIN reports your data in real time. You may track your performance in ball handling drills and set pieces as it happens. PLAY has been designed to not report data in real time in favour of minimizing interruptions in your match. SHARE creates animations, filters and information for your content in the blink of an eye, but not in real time, and its speed is limited by your phone’s processing power.

We have developed both the football and our data science with inputs from coaches and footballers, and it is designed to improve your performance. We would love to hear about how you would use it professionally, and would invite you to get in touch with us to see how we may support you. However, we are not agents nor scouts and cannot help you land a professional contract.

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